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I’m so grateful to be able to share this resource and information with you. I kept hearing the same challenges over and over and I kept giving the same advice over and over....and it worked!

This podcast interview will help you on a path to becoming more profitable while attaining better work/life balance almost immediately.


It’s time to take charge and price your business for profit.  This podcast will outline the following steps you can take today

  1. How to create your perfect client profile

  2. Pricing your services by event or percentage - which works better for you

  3. Managing your staff and when to use independent contractors vs. hire employees

  4. Making additional streams of revenue in addition to what you currently do

Wedding Indsutry Insider Podcast episode with Tami Forero

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Forté Events


Here is my sample budget spreadsheet template.  The template can be used to help your clients make sense of their event budget.  As a professional, you can also gain knowledge by having a more holistic view of all the cost associated with the event.


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